Mission & Vision


Our set of values and business aims are based on many years’ experience towards continued growth and profitability.


We execute all tasks with the basis in the customers’ needs. Therefore, we have the correct and maintained material.


We place importance on the customer encountering competent, attentive and obliging employees.  Being a customer at Thurah must be comfortable.

The daily operation is the central focus point in all parts of Thurah’s business. The condition for a satisfactory revenue base is the ability to maintain ongoing dialogue with the customers and meet the needs and requirements that customers place on the employees and the material which forms the framework around the solution of their transport tasks.


More than just transport …!


We will be deserving
of your next task


We meet our customers needs for ‘more than just transport’


  • We meet the customer’s needs for trust that the task will be executed properly
  • We create certainty even though the goods are out of sight
  • We ensure on-time delivery
  • We ensure proper representation
  • We meet our customer’s needs
  • We are flexible with loading/off-loading time periods
  • We solve the need for permits from public authorities
  • We have significant and long experience in executing tasks that require more than a vehicle and a driver
  • We have the correct material for a broad range of tasks

We will be deserving of your next task – We create value for our customers


  • We handle the customer’s freight as if it was our own
  • We adapt to the customer’s business/task
  • We represent our customer and the freight in a proper way
  • We create joy and satisfaction for the recipient
  • We create safety for the correct and proper execution of the task
  • We deliver at the right time – and at the right location
  • We offer tracking of freight and tasks
  • We provide follow-up on any outstanding issues
  • Punctual feedback is a part of the solution
  • We create peace of mind for our customers’ freight
  • We provide the customer with the flexibility the task requires
  • We execute simple as well as complicated tasks
  • We make it easy for our customers
  • We have motivated employees
  • We keep what we promise
  • We make it a point of honour that all elements in the interaction with our customers are experienced as professional

We create value for:


  • Those customers where we can make a difference
  • Those customers who challenge our experience and let us challenge them
  • Those customers for whom we can meet the need for a proper execution of the task every time